History & culture

Crete’s history can be unravelled by exploring historical trails and amazing archaeological sites. Tour the labyrinthine Knossos Palace with its incomparable frescos and amazing treasures, luxurious residences and priceless finds, and go on a journey of exploration into the glorious Minoan civilisation.

Malia is home to the third largest Minoan palace centre on Crete (2000 BC), the palace - residence of Sarpedon, son of Zeus and Europe, and brother of Minos. Heraklion’s Archaeological Museum is home to exhibits from various archaeological sites around Crete: remarkable gold jewellery, real fragments of frescoes from Knossos Palace, the famous Snake Goddess figurines, and of course the Phaistos Disk which has yet to be decoded.

Crete’s folk culture can be explored at the Lychnostatis Open Air Museum at Hersonissos, where visitors can get to know the lifestyle, mores and customs and folk art of the island’s residents.

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